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Get entangled in drug cases again, this is Millen Cyrus’s latest news

Get entangled in drug cases again, this is Millen Cyrus’s latest news

Shocking news came from celebrity, Millen Cyrus. The reason is, he was arrested again in connection with a suspected drug abuse case.

Millen Cyrus caught health protocol raids at a cafe in South Jakarta on Sunday (28/2/2021). Now he is still undergoing examination at Polda Metro Jaya, after testing positive for benzo.

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As is known, Ashanty’s nephew just came out of rehabilitation in January 2021. Now he must be arrested with the same case. Here’s the latest news from Millen Cyrus regarding drug cases. Politik Indonesia

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Reporting from coverage6, Director of Resnarkoba Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Mukti Juharsa, conveying Millen’s current condition. The celebgram was cooperative while undergoing tests related to benzo.

“His condition is good. Yes (cooperative),” he said as quoted from coverage6.

Selebgram who is also familiarly called Millendaru is currently undergoing further examination. The family has visited Millen to find out about his condition. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

His brother, Globantara Ibrahim, gave an explanation. He said his younger brother had done nothing wrong.

Millen’s brother explained that his younger brother had a doctor’s prescription when using benzo. According to him, this made Millen innocent. Ekonomi Indonesia

Apart from his brother, Millen’s assistant also gave the same response. Millen is recommended to take drugs containing benzo.

“At first he was wrong, if this is like he is positive, but it is like he has a handle. Indeed it was recommended by a doctor and he has the prescription,” said Gilang. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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