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Figure of Cilandak Residents Vaccinated by Corona at Home: Head Of Logistics BukaLapak

Figure of Cilandak Residents Vaccinated by Corona at Home: Head Of Logistics BukaLapak

The post showing a number of non-elderly people suspected of having participated in the corona vaccination at home went viral. It started with the upload of Instagram of Mutia Imro Atussoleha on her Instagram account on Sunday (7/3).

In the upload, a number of family members were injected with the corona vaccine. The uploaded documents show that the vaccination was carried out in Cilandak, South Jakarta. Politik Indonesia

He also showed a sign that he had been vaccinated. In addition, Mutia’s Instagram account also tagged her husband, Rangga Prasetya, during the vaccination process.

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Who is the figure of the two people?

In a Google search, there was a LinkedIn site that listed Mutia as Head of Logistics Bukalapak. It’s just that, when the link is further explored it cannot (error).

Meanwhile, in his Instagram bio, Mutia himself wrote a number of business accounts that he manages. Among them are businesses in the fashion and food fields. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

In addition, he also wrote a haircut salon brand on his Instagram account. He also wrote a platform that deals with financial freedom and meaningful life.

Meanwhile, Rangga wrote himself as an entrepreneur in his Instagram bio. He is involved in the digital field serving e-commerce issues.

No further information about Rangga has been found on the Google or LinkedIn search sites. In the company’s LinkedIn account that Rangga mentioned in the Instagram bio, there is also Rangga’s name on the employee list. Ekonomi Indonesia

Kumparan has been trying to reach Mutia and Rangga. However, until this news was broadcast, there was no response from those concerned.

The South Jakarta Health Office admits that they are still looking for detailed information regarding the upload. “We’ll check first,” said Head of South Jakarta Health Office, dr Helmi to Kumparan, Sunday (7/3).

Regarding this, the spokesman for the corona vaccination from the Ministry of Health, Dr. Siti Nadia Tarmidzi, did not confirm that vaccines were carried out at home. He described the risks when someone was vaccinated at home. Not in a health facility. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

“If there is a risk for the vaccine at home, for example, there is anaphylatic shock. So it will endanger yourself with this risk,” said Nadia via text message.

In the Decree of the Director General for Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health Number 02.02 / 4/1/2021 concerning Technical Guidelines for Vaccination in the Context of Covid-19, it is written as follows:

Place for COVID-19 Vaccination

The COVID-19 Vaccination Service is carried out in Health Service Facilities owned by the Central Government, Provincial Government, Regency / City Government or community / private property that meet the requirements.

Health Service Facilities that carry out the COVID-19 Vaccination are as follows:

1 Puskesmas, auxiliary puskesmas;

2 Clinics;

3 Hospitals; and / or

4 Health service units at the Port Health Office (KKP).

Health service facilities that implement COVID-19 vaccination services must meet the following requirements:

1 has a health worker implementing COVID-19 vaccination;

2 has a cold chain facility according to the type of COVID-19 vaccine used or in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations; and

3 has an operational permit for Health Service Facilities or an appointment by the Minister in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations

Health care facilities that cannot meet the requirements of point 2 can become places for COVID-19 vaccination services but are coordinated by the local health center.

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