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The story of the boy in the Persebaya shirt before being kidnapped

The story of the boy in the Persebaya shirt before being kidnapped

Safrina Anindia, the mother’s daughter of Nesa Alana Karaisa or Ara, tells of the seconds of the disappearance of Ara, a girl wearing a shirt, Persebaya, on (23/3/2021).

For five days, Ara was declared missing by the family and the police.

Ara, said Safrina, did not return home until 10:00 WIB. Politik Indonesia

“At that time, Ara had finished studying online and had permission to play with her brothers and sisters. Ara wore a green and white Persebaya shirt when he said goodbye. But, I don’t know where to play, “Safrina told reporters, Friday (26/3/2021).

At that time, he continued, Ara was playing with her two siblings. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

However, when her brother asked her to return home, Ara refused.

“My sister invited her to go home, she (Ara) didn’t want to. Then her brother and sister went home,” said Safrina.

In fact, it was raining at that time, and Ara didn’t come home.

“Then, it rained. I told her sister to look for it. Because usually when it rains to go home. I told her to look for it in Jagiran there but there was no result,” said Safrina. Ekonomi Indonesia

Even so, Safrina is sure that her son will return home soon. So wait until midday. Because according to him, if there is a noon call to prayer, he will return by himself.

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“I wait until the noon call to prayer. Because when it comes to the noon call to prayer I usually go home alone without being called. Nor do they come home,” said Safrina. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Feeling worried. Safrina then joined the search.

“Then, I looked in Taman Teratai and around the mosque where he used to snack. But, also not there,” said Safrina.

Today, Saturday (27/3/2021), Ara has been found with the suspected kidnapper, and is none other than her mother’s family.

“So, he was taken away without the permission of his wife from the pakdenya. So, there is still a family relationship,” said Deputy Chief of Police of the Surabaya Police, AKBP Hartoyo.

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