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Police Threaten Imprisonment for Dark Travel Until Eid If Caught

Police Threaten Imprisonment for Dark Travel Until Eid If Caught

Police Traffic Police Inspector General Istiono threatened to imprison illegal travelers who were still desperate to carry passengers in the midst of the 2021 Lebaran homecoming ban.

Later, said Istiono, the party responsible for the operation of the illegal travel will only be released after Eid 2021.

“Don’t play games. I will act on dark travel. If necessary, we will hold it and expel it after Eid. This is serious,” said Istiono at Satpas Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, Tuesday (13/4/2021). Politik Indonesia

Istiono again explained that only vehicles that are allowed to leave the area during the Eid homecoming ban are those that have special permits or are in an emergency.

Among other things, residents who are in a condition to go out of town for service.

In this case, the officers will later ask them to show a valid letter of assignment while in service. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

In addition, people who are experiencing grieving conditions because a relative has died or is sick are also allowed to pass.

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They showed a letter from the local sub-district.

“Only those who have special permits and special interests can leave. This is a humanitarian operation, but our actions are still persuasive and humanist. We just turn around,” he explained. Ekonomi Indonesia

On that basis, he hopes that the community will be aware not to force homecoming on this year’s Eid.

This is to fight Covid-19

“We really hope that public awareness will work together to fight Covid-19. If we build awareness, officers are lighter, we are lighter and we can end Covid-19 if we work together to break the Covid-19 chain,” he said. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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