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Never P-21, Gisella Anastasia has undergone compulsory reporting 27 times

Never P-21, Gisella Anastasia has undergone compulsory reporting 27 times

Polda Metro Jaya investigators had submitted the case files of immoral cases with suspects Gisella Anastasia and Michael Yukinobu de Fretes to the prosecutor’s office in February 2021. However, the files were returned to investigators because they were deemed incomplete and asked to be completed first. Politik Indonesia

Until now, the case files for Gisel and Nobu are still in the process of being investigated because they are still P-19 or incomplete.

Gisel also continues to be obliged to report twice a week to Polda Metro Jaya. Today, he returned to undergo compulsory reporting accompanied by his attorney Sandy Arifin. Gisel said that he had undergone compulsory reporting for about 27 times. Gisel did not mind even though he had to go back and forth to the Regional Police twice a week. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

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“No, thank you (not being detained). It’s just a matter of coming. It doesn’t matter if you only have to report Monday and Thursday, ”said Gisel when met at Polda Metro Jaya Monday (26/4).

Gisel was not sure what the development of her immoral case would be like. As a good citizen, he will be cooperative in following the applicable procedures. ” We just follow the process, “he said.

In addition, Gisella Anastasia entrusted her problems to God. He prayed that this case would get the best solution.

The case of immoral videos that ensnared Gisella Anastasia had stirred up Twitter in the country on November 6, 2020. At that time, a 19-second sex video with a female character like Gisel was circulating with a man. Ekonomi Indonesia

Gisel admitted to investigators that he was an actor in the 19-second immoral video. He did adult scenes like husband and wife with Michael Yukinobu de Fretes alias Nobu at a hotel in Medan in 2017. After some time, the two of them were named suspects based on sufficient evidence. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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