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KKB-Papuan Terrorists Hunted, Enembe: Don’t Shoot Wrong

KKB-Papuan Terrorists Hunted, Enembe: Don’t Shoot Wrong

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe urged the TNI and Polri to first carry out a mapping of the Papuan KKB-Terrorist forces covering the distribution of their territory, the number of people and special characteristics that describe the body of the organization. Politik Indonesia

“This is very much needed, because the Papua Provincial Government does not want an incident of wrong shooting and wrong arrest targeting Papuan civilians,” explained dLukas Enembe through his official statement in Jayapura, as reported by detik.com, Thursday (29/4/2021).

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Even so, the Papua Provincial Government agrees that all actions carried out by a group of people claiming to be part of the KKB are disturbing, violating the law, and injuring the basic principles of human rights.

“The Papua Provincial Government also believes that the central government should communicate and consult with the UN Security Council regarding the granting of terrorist status to the KKB,” he said. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Lukas also firmly stated that the Papuan people will remain and always be loyal to the Republic of Indonesia, and want the security approach in Papua to be more humane and prioritize the exchange of words and ideas not the exchange of bullets.

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Previously, Enembe asked the central government to review the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) which was given official status as a Terrorist, because according to Enembe, it would have a psychosocial impact on other Papuans. Ekonomi Indonesia

“The Papua Provincial Government asks the central government and the Indonesian Parliament to review the issue of the terrorist labeling the KKB. We are of the opinion that this study must be comprehensive by taking into account the social, economic and legal impacts on Papuans in general,” explained Lukas Enembe. through official information, as reported by detikcom, Thursday (29/4/2021).

Not only is it a psychosocial impact on residents in the Land of Papua, but the labeling of terrorists for the KKB is considered by Enembe to also affect overseas Papuans in the form of negative stigmatization.

“Terrorism is a concept that is always debated within the scope of law and politics, thus the designation of the KKB as a terrorist group needs to be carefully reviewed and ensure the objectivity of the state in granting this status,” added Enembe.

On another part, the member of Commission I DPR RI, Yan Permenas Mandenas, assessed that the Government’s attitude that has established a terrorist status for the Papuan KKB will be an extraordinary resonance internationally.

“We have to establish a good strategy so that we don’t evacuate civilians from settlements,” said Yan to RRI.co.id in Jakarta, Thursday (29/4/2021). Politik dalam dan luar negeri

“The step forward that we must take, in the short term, is that we first evaluate the handling of the KKB in Papua. Why are they so free and active to carry out terror in Papua until today,” added the Gerindra politician.

It should be noted, the government through the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud Md, officially declared the armed criminal group (KKB) in Papua to be terrorists.

The government’s stance was taken after the emergence of a series of attacks carried out by KKB against civilians and the TNI-Polri in the last few years.

This is also in line with the statements put forward by the Chairperson of the MPR, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), the National Police, the Indonesian National Armed Forces, and Papuan community and customary leaders regarding the Papua Terrorist KKB action.

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