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Alhamdulillah! RI’s First Mosque in Canada Officially Opened Today

Alhamdulillah! RI’s First Mosque in Canada Officially Opened Today

Faisal Nasution

Contributor of KORAN SINDO

Toronto, Canada

The former church building which will become the first mosque of the Indonesian Muslim community in Canada will be officially opened today Tuesday (4/5/2021). The Azan prayer at Maghrib will mark the opening of the mosque and building which is named the Istiqlal Islamic Center of Toronto (IICT). Politik Indonesia

Member of the IICT Board, Ned said, the building acquisition process was completed on March 29, 2021 or 17 Ramadan, according to the agreed time. After they handed over the shortfall of Rp. 3 billion. The total purchase of the building was Rp. 7 billion and Rp. 4 billion had already been deposited as a down payment.

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“Alhamdulillah, the building belongs to us. The transaction process is taking place via teleconference because here is a lockdown. So we, four members of the IICT board, only sign documents at their respective places. And the local government will also send ownership documents to IICT in a few moments. next week, “he told KORAN SINDO in Toronto, Canada, yesterday. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

The lawyer handed over the keys to the building that was previously used by the United Church on Monday (3/5/2021) and the IICT board members will inspect all the building facilities, such as security and fire systems. They will also call in a building inspector to carry out checks to conform to Canadian building standards prior to public use.

According to him, not many changes will be made to the building because it is still in very good condition. They will only add a place for ablution and a bathroom. Apart from that, such as kitchens, offices, libraries can be used immediately. In fact, there is also a room that can be used as a mini studio for remote recitation in the midst of this pandemic situation.

They also do not need to change the building towards the Qibla because the building which consists of two floors already leads to the Ka’ba. “So we just have to lay out the carpet. This mosque can accommodate about 200 worshipers. Insha Allah, we can use it for prayers and also for Friday prayers,” he said.

Ned explained that in the meantime the mosque could not hold the five daily congregational prayers because it was not technically ready. Apart from the work to tidy up the prayer room, there are also limited volunteers who are currently still being recruited. Mosques in and around Toronto, such as Masjid Sayeda Khadija Center and Taric Islamic Center also operated gradually in its early years. Ekonomi Indonesia

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Islamic Society of Toronto (MIIT) Eni Durhan said that the procurement of mosques and Islamic center buildings was an initiation of the Muslim community who are members of the MIIT. The desire to own a mosque has been sparked since 2005 and can only be realized now.

“The need for a place to hold activities, such as recitation, Eid prayers or fundraising is increasing along with the increasing number of Indonesians living in Ontario and its surroundings,” he said.

At that time they carried out recitation from house to house of MIIT members and for activities that brought many people to board the Office of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI) in Toronto. Sometimes they also ride in the Islamic center building owned by communities from other countries. “Thank God, the Indonesian Muslim community here is very active in participating in activities in other countries’ communities so that they can borrow these buildings for free,” he also added. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Now with the IICT, they are preparing short and long term programs, including recitation and opening Qur’an classes for children. “Hopefully MIIT can carry out the mandate given by IICT,” he concluded.

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