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Awaiting the Government’s Decision Regarding Quotas and Hajj Certainty…

Awaiting the Government’s Decision Regarding Quotas and Hajj Certainty…

The public is still waiting for the government’s decision regarding the certainty of the departure of the Hajj pilgrims in 2021.

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The plan, this afternoon, Thursday (3/6/2021) the Ministry of Religion will decide whether or not to dispatch pilgrims for this year.

Previously, there were many rumors that Indonesian pilgrims could not perform the Hajj this year.

This issue was increasingly discussed after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued entry permits to 11 countries, and Indonesia was not included in the list of permitted countries. Politik Indonesia

Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to Saudi Arabia Agus Maftuh Abegabriel has dismissed the news. According to him, there is still no information from Saudi Arabia regarding the 2021 hajj.

“There is no official information from Saudi Arabia regarding the hajj, including the quota, there has been no official announcement,” Agus said when contacted by Kompas.com, Wednesday (2/6/2021). Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

This means that there is still an opportunity for prospective pilgrims from Indonesia to perform the pilgrimage in 2021.

The government is also expected to lobby Saudi Arabia so that the ban on entry of Indonesian citizens is lifted, as applied to the 11 countries that have received permits.

The eleven countries are the United Arab Emirates, Germany, United States of America, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, France, and Japan. Ekonomi Indonesia

Moreover, the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine used in Indonesia has also received an emergency use permit from the World Health Organization (WHO).

This good news is expected to strengthen Indonesia’s efforts to get tickets to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Quoting Kompas.id, the Indonesian Hajj and Umrah Organizing Muslim Association (Amphuri), the Government of Saudi Arabia has provided a quota of 45,000 international congregation members and 15,000 Saudi Arabian local congregation members for this year’s Hajj.

From that figure, if you refer to Indonesia’s regular quota, which is approximately 8-10 percent of the total pilgrims, it is likely that Indonesia can only get a quota of around 5,000 congregation members. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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If it is decided that this year there will be a departure for Hajj pilgrims, the Ministry of Religion has prepared mitigation of the implementation of hi during the pandemic by making guidelines for Hajj rituals with health protocols.

Reporting from Kompas.id, technical preparations were also prepared, for example by making guidelines for the Hajj rituals during the pandemic. The guide was compiled with fiqh experts from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and Islamic mass organizations.

The Ministry of Religion is reminded to be selective in deciding which congregations to depart later.

Consideration of the safety of citizens during the pilgrimage must be a priority. Do not let the pilgrimage actually put the congregation at risk of being exposed to a new variant of the COVID-19 virus.

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