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Data Shows Vaccination in Jakarta is Powerful: Positive Cases 0.01% and Death 0.2%

Data Shows Vaccination in Jakarta is Powerful: Positive Cases 0.01% and Death 0.2%

Vaccination is starting to show its effect in Jakarta, especially in preventing people from contracting the corona virus. Not only that, vaccination also prevents those who are infected from experiencing severe symptoms until they die.

This can be seen from the data submitted by the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan. Anies said, positive cases in residents who had received the first dose of vaccine only reached 0.3%. Meanwhile, residents who have received two doses of the vaccine are only 0.01%. Politik Indonesia

This figure shows the minimal possibility of being infected with COVID-19 when vaccinated. It’s not impossible after receiving the vaccine still exposed, but very low probability.

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“Those who have been vaccinated are very few positive cases. There are, but very few, [who have been vaccinated with one dose] are only 0.3 percent. And when they get the second vaccine, it’s only 0.01 percent. vaccinated, God willing, they are more protected than those who are not,” said Anies in his briefing to the PKK DKI Jakarta virtually, Monday (19/7). Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Not only Anies, data on the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine in Jakarta was also disclosed by the Coordinator of PPKM Level 4 as well as the Coordinating Minister for Marves, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan.

Based on the data, he said, the death rate in positive COVID-19 patients who had been vaccinated was only 0.2%. Most of those who died after testing positive for coronavirus despite receiving the vaccine were COVID-19 patients with comorbidities. Ekonomi Indonesia

“From our data, the number of DKI Jakarta residents who died from COVID has been very low. Of the 5.1 million samples, only 54 people died. So the figure is only 0.2%. So that’s the average comorbid,” Luhut explained. in a virtual PPKM development conference, Wednesday (21/7).

According to the information compiled, the figure of 5.1 million people conveyed by Luhut is the number of residents with Jakarta ID cards who have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, according to data from corona.jakarta.go.id, vaccinations in Jakarta as of July 21, with a total dose of 1, currently total 6,652,011 people. Meanwhile, the total dose of 2 has now reached 2,021,780 people.

This is data for all people vaccinated in Jakarta, both those with a DKI Jakarta ID card and non-Jakarta ID card but living and carrying out vaccinations in Jakarta. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Currently, the vaccines that have been used in Jakarta are Sinovac and AstraZeneca. Meanwhile, mutual cooperation vaccination was carried out with Sinopharm.

Referring to the data, it can be described as follows:

Corona cases for residents who have been vaccinated with the first dose:

6,652,011 people have been vaccinated for the first time x 0.3% = 19,956 people

Corona cases for residents who have been vaccinated with the second dose:

2,021,780 people have been vaccinated second x 0.01% = 202 people

Total death cases:

662,800 people [cumulative coronavirus cases] x 1.4% [death rate] = 10,692

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