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8 Misinformation About the Covid-19 Vaccine

8 Misinformation About the Covid-19 Vaccine

Many scientists have said that vaccination is the most effective way to stop the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, since the beginning of the promotion of Covid-19 vaccines from pharmaceutical companies in various countries, misinformation and misleading information emerged that hindered the vaccination process. Politik Indonesia

This is also the case in Indonesia, even many Indonesians believe in false information about vaccines and eventually refuse to be vaccinated.

In addition to several other problems, misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine has proven to be an obstacle to the national vaccination process, which is still far from the ideal target. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

So, what is the misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine?

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here are 8 erroneous information about the Covid-19 vaccine that Indonesians need to be wary of.

1 Vaccine does not need to be given to people who have been infected with Covid-19

In fact, people who have been infected still have to get the Covid-19 vaccine, because until now, no one has been able to confirm how long a person can be protected after recovering from exposure to the Corona virus.

The duration of natural immunity or acquired immunity after recovering from infection is not the same for everyone, but some evidence suggests that the condition will not last long. Ekonomi Indonesia

2 Causes infertility in women

In response to this information, scientists say, the amino acid sequence (shared between spike protein and placental protein) cannot affect fertility.

Therefore, the information that says the Covid-19 vaccine can cause infertility in women is wrong or not true.

3 Vaccines make people positive for Covid-19

The purpose of making a vaccine is to build antibodies against the Corona virus, so that when individuals are exposed to Covid-19, the symptoms that appear will not be severe. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

This shows that information that says vaccines will actually make the recipient infected with Covid-19 is wrong.

4 Covid-19 vaccines can change DNA

Vaccines do not interact with DNA in any way, so the information that the Covid-19 vaccine can alter the recipient’s DNA is false.

Vaccines send genetic material to cells to build antibodies against the coronavirus, but that genetic material never enters the cell nucleus, which is where DNA is stored.

5 Vaccines are not safe because they are made very quickly

Prior to its launch, the Covid-19 vaccine had passed a series of clinical trials with very strict standards.

Every vaccine currently available has been shown to be safe and effective, so any information to the contrary is erroneous.

6 Covid-19 vaccines contain chips

Rumors have long circulated that the Covid-19 vaccine contains a chip, which will later be used to control the human body.

Infectious Disease Specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine, Dr Stephen Schrantz, said such information was clearly erroneous and misleading.

“No, getting a Covid-19 vaccine can’t cause your arm to become magnetized. It’s a hoax, plain and simple,” he said.

7 Covid-19 vaccines cause slow thinking and hard to memorize

Clinical Pathologist who is also the Director of UNS Hospital, Tonang Dwi Ardyanto stated that information about the Covid-19 vaccine that can cause brain disorders such as slow thinking and difficulty memorizing is a false claim.

“What is clear is that our children, who are even less than 1 year old, have routinely received vaccines, including those with the same manufacturing method: inactivated. That is clear evidence,” said Tonang.

8 Covid-19 vaccines cause premature death

Rumors circulated that the Covid-19 vaccine could cause the recipient to die prematurely. If people want to survive, people must re-vaccinate.

Spokesperson for Covid-19 Vaccination, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said that the information was not true or a hoax.

The Covid-19 vaccine was created to form herd immunity to prevent illness and death from the Corona virus.

“Try if this is true, it must be in a scientific journal,” he said.

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