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Month: October 2021

The Government Removes the Reason for the 2021 Christmas Joint Leave

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) Muhadjir Effendy ensured that the government would abolish the joint Christmas leave on December 24, 2021. Politik Indonesia

The decision is contained in the Joint Decree (SKB) of the Three Ministers Number 712 of 2021, Number 1 of 2021, Number 3 of 2021 concerning National Holidays and Joint Leave of 2021.

As for the reason, it is feared that the year-end holiday will bring a third wave of Covid-19 which will have a very bad impact.

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In addition, there is a prohibition on taking leave by taking advantage of the momentum of a national holiday for State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

This is based on the Circular Letter of the Minister of PAN-RB Number 13 of 2021 concerning Restrictions on Traveling Activities Outside the Region and/or Leave for ASN During National Holidays in 2021.

Muhadjir explained that the policy was also solely carried out to limit the movement of more massive people ahead of the year-end holiday. Ekonomi Indonesia

“We are trying to suppress as little as possible those who will travel. And these have been given restrictions. Starting from the absence of joint leave holidays. Then we will ban them from taking leave,” he said as quoted from the Kemenkopmk.go.id page.

Dec 24 Christmas collective leave removal policy
According to him, the policy requires more massive socialization to the public by the police, the transportation service, and the mass media.

In addition, this needs to be done so that the community is more understanding of the existing situation and is not desperate to violate it. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

“I ask that later there will be a large-scale campaign to urge people not to travel. Not to return to their village, or to travel for non-primary purposes,” he said.

For those who are forced to travel on those holidays, Muhadjir added, stricter inspection of travel conditions is necessary.

As is known, at this time to ride the mode of transportation at least must have received the first dose of vaccine. For air transportation, a negative PCR test requirement is applied, and for road travel, a negative antigen test requirement is applied.

“So that later we hope that the number of those who will travel can be limited and also controlled. Especially in monitoring to avoid the possibility of follow-up symptoms, namely they go home and bring Covid-19 souvenirs,” he explained.

From the Rachel Vennya Quarantine Case Now A Series of Other Problems Has Emerged

The case of alleged violation of health protocol (prokes) Rachel Vennya who escaped from Wisma Atlet Hospital, Kemayoran, Jakarta continues. In fact, from this case other problems emerged.

In the process of escaping from the Wisma Atlet, the police have taken the first steps of an investigation. Rachel Vennya and her boyfriend, Salim Nauderer), and their manager, Maulida, have been questioned at Polda Metro Jaya, on Thursday, October 21. Politik Indonesia

After the examination, Rachel and her entourage left the Polda Metro Jaya. This is when another problem is revealed.

The problem is the police number (nopol) on Rachel’s car. Because the car number B 139 RFS seems like a code intended for officials. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

The Head of Sub-Directorate for Bin Gakkum Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Argo Wiyono, who confirmed the matter, stated that the number was not a code for the actual official. Because the number is only three digits.

“It’s a three-digit plate, so if it’s the three numbers on the back, it doesn’t really matter,” said Argo.

Meanwhile, the special number for the official number is the use of RF plates with 1 and 4 digits. “Only heads 1 four points,” he said.

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The number with the RFS code, said Argo, can be used by the general public by ordering it. So, it is suspected, the purpose behind the use of the registration number is just to act as an official. “So he bought a regular plate just to make it look like an official,” said Argo. Ekonomi Indonesia

Violation of LLAJ UU Law

On a separate occasion, the Director of Traffic of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Sambodo Purnomo Yogo stated that there were allegations of violations behind the use of the number plates. Because, after being investigated, there is a discrepancy between the data and the facts.

Where, in the database, it is stated that the number B 139 RFS is used for white cars. But, in fact the car that uses it is black.

“Only in our data the car is white, while based on the facts and input from friends, the car used is black. So that later, after the parallel with the examination carried out related to the case of his escape from quarantine, we will also call for clarification whether later by summoning him or we send traffic investigators to his house to see the vehicle, “said Sambodo.

This examination is related to Article 280 of the LLAJ Law in conjunction with Article 68. Article 280 reads “Every motorized vehicle driver who is not fitted with a Vehicle Registration Number shall be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 2 months or a fine of a maximum of Rp 500 thousand,”.

“Has he violated Article 280 of the Traffic Law in conjunction with Article 68, meaning that he did not use a valid TNKB or for example, was a violation of Article 288 regarding not being able to show a STNK. This means that the car has been painted but the STNK has not been changed. So we will clarify and we will match our data with the engine number, frame number and so on,” continued Sambodo. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

In investigating the alleged violation, Rachel Vennya will be questioned at the Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya. The plan is for the inspection to take place on Monday, October 25 at around 10.00 WIB.

Invitation letter for examination will also be sent in the near future. It is hoped that the celebgram will cooperate in fulfilling the summons for the examination.

Previously in Rachel’s questioning last Thursday, the police had asked several things. Rachel Vennya was examined for about eight and a half hours. He was asked 35 questions. Rachel’s lawyer, Indra Raharja, stated that the dozens of questions related to the chronology of his client’s escape action. However, he refused to elaborate further on this matter.

“I will not convey the rest of the material here, but Rachel has conveyed elementary and fundamental things to the police,” said Indra.

On the other hand, Rachel Vennya, who had been silent when she arrived at Polda Metro Jaya, finally spoke up. He apologized for all his actions and is ready to go through the legal process.

“Me, Maulida, and Salim (Salim Nauderer) would like to express our deepest apologies to all the people for our mistakes and mistakes that have disturbed the community. We are also now going through the applicable legal process,” Rachel told the media.

Rizieq’s attorney will forward McDanny’s apology to the family

The attorney for the former leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Rizieq Shihab, Azis Yanuar, said that he would convey an apology from the comedian Dani Jaya Wardhana, also known as McDanny, to Rizieq and his family.

It is known, in a video recording, McDanny made a statement that was considered insulting to Rizieq Shihab. This action drew the anger of several parties. Politik Indonesia

“Later we will convey it to the family and to Habib (Rizieq) as well,” said Azis when contacted by CNNIndonesia.com via short message, Wednesday (20/10).

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According to Azis, Rizieq Shihab’s family has handed over this case to him. He only said he would deliver an apology from McDanny directly. Azis also refused to answer when the apology would be delivered. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“We’ll tell you right away. Besides, this is not urgent and it’s not something that needs to be rushed. Just relax,” said Azis.

The same thing was conveyed by Azis in a meeting held by McDanny, Arie Untung, and Azis Yanuar. Azis expressed his appreciation for what Arie Untung had done and the apology that had been conveyed by McDanny.

He hopes that the comic’s statement can be forgiven by Rizieq Shihab, his family, and Muslims.

“I will convey it to Habib Rizieq and also to his family, to Muslims, hopefully he can be forgiven,” Azis said as quoted from the video uploaded by Arie on his Instagram account @ariekuntung. Ekonomi Indonesia

Previously, McDanny said words that were considered insulting to Rizieq Shihab. McDanny made the statement at an event.

“Drinking beer at Root’s is halal. It’s more halal than meth,” said McDanny.

“Thank you for the veiled women but you guys are so cool,” he continued.

After that, he uttered a sentence that became the basis of the problems and criticisms of many netizens at this time.

“F*** Habib Rizieq,” said McDanny in the video which later went viral on social media.

When the video went viral, he received criticism from many parties. Not only that, McDanny was even reported to the Bandung Police Headquarters, on Tuesday (19/10). The report is stated with the report number STPB/335/X/2021/JBR/Polrestabes.

Some time later, McDanny apologized to Rizieq Shihab’s representative regarding the statement he made and was judged to have insulted the former FPI leader.  Politik dalam dan luar negeri

McDanny claims his apology has been well received by Rizieq’s family.

“Thank God my apology was well received, and I am very grateful,” said McDanny via his personal Instagram account @Mcd4nny, Wednesday (20/10).

Saudi Arabia abolishes social distancing rules at the Grand Mesjid

The government of Saudi Arabia has begun to relax the COVID-19 health protocol in the form of social distancing starting today, Sunday (17/10). The policy is claimed to have taken into account the significant decline in COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia.

A number of new policies regarding worship procedures were also implemented at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. Reported from the Twitter tweet of local media Haramain Sharifain @HaramainInfo, the social distancing markers are starting to be removed. Politik Indonesia

“The social distancing rules have ended at the Al Haram Mosque,” Haramain tweeted on Sunday (17/10).

The Saudi Arabian government has imposed full capacity at both places of worship. However, the regulation is intended for pilgrims who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Pilgrims who have received both doses of the vaccine from today can visit mosques in Mecca and Medina while wearing masks and using the ‘Eatmarna’ or ‘Tawakkalna’ application to get permission to pray and perform Umrah or visit Al Rawdah. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

A number of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will also continue to be carried out in public places, such as checking body temperature and checking health status through the Tawakkalna application. Public places also still require to provide hand sanitizer.

“Rules for social distancing and wearing masks will still be applied in facilities where health status checks are not carried out through the ‘Tawakkalna’ application,” he continued. Ekonomi Indonesia

Regarding the development of the COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia, Worldometers noted that as of today, there are 45 new COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia, 2 deaths, and 41 recovered cases. Cumulatively, COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia reached 547,890 cases.

Meanwhile, regarding the vaccination coverage of the people of Saudi Arabia, Our World in Data recorded that 58.24 percent of the total population of Saudi Arabia had received a complete dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.  Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Wisma Atlet Hospital Management Tightens Security After Rachel Vennya’s Escape During Quarantine

Kapendam Jaya Colonel Arh Herwin BS said, Wisma Atlet Pademangan, North Jakarta ensured an evaluation after the escape of Rachel Vennya’s celebgram during the quarantine period to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“Everything will be evaluated, we will see later that the Pangdam will develop a more stringent mechanism related to the mechanism,” said Herwin at Wisma Atlet Pademangan, North Jakarta, Friday (15/10/2021). Politik Indonesia

According to Herwin, evaluations were also carried out in various flats that were quarantined for COVID-19. This includes airports and other monitoring points.

“So for the statement from the Pangdam Jaya, we are now conducting an examination of all security personnel, in the sense of the case of yesterday’s incident. One person, but if there are other involvements later, we will adjust the existing legal process,” said Herwin. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Meanwhile, the Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya studied the case of Rachel Vennya’s escape from Wisma Atlet Pademangan, Jakarta during the Covid-19 quarantine after a vacation from the United States.

Director of the General Criminal Investigation of the Metro Jaya Police, Kombes Pol. Tubagus Ade Hidayat explained that he was waiting for the results of the investigation from the Covid-19 Task Force.

“We are still analyzing whether it is still under the authority of the Task Force or if we need other law enforcement, we are still reviewing it,” he said when contacted by the media crew, Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Tubagus emphasized that the police had not taken any law enforcement action against Rachel Vennya. He reiterated that this is still under investigation. Ekonomi Indonesia

“Yes, we are still looking at whether it is necessary to make a model A report or is it still within the capacity of the task force that handles it. We don’t know yet, there has been no legal action from us,” he said.

Rachel Vennya often combines pastel colors that seem flashy and are often avoided by many people. However, he can still look stylish.

This is based on the results of an interim investigation. Arh Herwin said that FS, an individual member of the TNI from the Security Task Force at the Airport, should be suspected of taking non-procedural actions.

Kapendam Jaya Colonel Arh Herwin BS said Rachel Vennya was not entitled to a quarantine repatriation facility at the Wisma Pademangan RSDC.

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Based on the decision of the Head of the Covid-19 Task Force Number 12/2021 dated September 15, 2021, those who are entitled to repatriation facilities are Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) who return to Indonesia and stay at least 14 days in Indonesia.

Then, Indonesian students after attending education or carrying out study assignments from abroad. Furthermore, Indonesian government employees who return to Indonesia after carrying out official trips from abroad.

“In the case of the Rachel Vennya celebgram, it shows that those who are not entitled to these facilities,” he said in a written statement, Wednesday (13/10/2021). Politik dalam dan luar negeri

However, Kogasgabpad Covid-19 is currently conducting an investigation.

Bareskrim Finds Inflammation in the Pubes of 3 Children Allegedly Raped by Father in Lutim

The Bareskrim Police supervision team revealed the results of the investigation into the alleged rape of 3 of their children by the father in East Luwu, South Sulawesi. This is the result of an investigation since it was deployed on Sunday (10/10).

Karopenmas of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Rusdi Hartonoda, said the team went to Sorowaka Hospital and then met with Dr. Imelda, who had examined the 3 children. Politik Indonesia

From the statement of Dr. Imelda, on October 31, 2019 the three children were examined and the results were found to be inflammation around the genitals and anus.

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“On October 31, 2019, the investigation or supervision team (received information) on that date the relatives of the hospital (the mother of the three children) carried out a medical examination of their three children at the Sorowaka Hospital. Then the supervision and assistance team will explore the information,” said Rusdi at Pori Headquarters, South Jakarta, Tuesday (12/10). Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“The team conducted interviews with dr. Imelda is a pediatric specialist. The team interviewed on October 11, 2021 and obtained information about inflammation around the vagina and rectum,” continued Rusdi.

Rusdi said that at that time, dr. Imelda gave medicine to the three children. Then the three children went home.

“So it was seen that antibiotics and paracatemol were given,” said Rusdi.

Furthermore, said Rusdi, dr. Imelda then advised the Criminal Investigation Team to take the three children to an obstetrician. However, later the parents of the three children canceled it.

“Then it is recommended that the victim and supervision be carried out for a follow-up examination to an obstetrician to explain the case,” he said.

However, the mother later refused to do further examination. Ekonomi Indonesia

The findings of the Bareskrim Police Team have previously been discussed by the Makassar LBH. At that time, LBH Makassar stated that there were medical results that showed abnormalities in the three children.

“Actually, this child has been treated. There’s a doctor. At the time of processing the report (at the police), the police did not develop it there. Not taken (proof of medical records from doctors). When this fact was presented, it was put aside. When shown photos and a doctor’s referral that he experienced violence was also ruled out. Including, the results of our psychologist. In fact, the South Sulawesi Police are still insisting that the case is stopped. It’s strange,” said Deputy Director of LBH Makassar, Azis Dumpa at the time. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

China: Taiwan President’s Statement Provokes Confrontation

Pemerintah Cina mengkritik pidato Hari Nasional Presiden Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen yang menanggapi pernyataan Presiden Xi Jinping soal penyatuan Cina, sebagai memancing konfrontasi dan memutarbalikkan fakta.

Xi Jinping pada Sabtu menyatakan ia bersumpah mempersatukan Cina dan Taiwan dengan damai. Pernyataan ini ditanggapi Tsai Ing-wen dengan mengatakan Beijing tak boleh memaksa Taiwan. Ia menegaskan bahwa hanya rakyat Taiwan yang dapat memutuskan masa depan mereka. Politik Indonesia

Tsai mengatakan bahwa Taiwan akan terus memperkuat pertahanannya untuk memastikan tidak ada yang bisa memaksa pulau itu untuk menerima jalan yang telah ditetapkan Cina, tidak menawarkan kebebasan atau demokrasi, dan mengulangi seruan untuk pembicaraan dengan daratan Cina.

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“Pidato ini menganjurkan kemerdekaan Taiwan, memancing konfrontasi, memotong sejarah dan mendistorsi fakta,” kata Kantor Urusan Taiwan Cina pada Minggu malam seperti dikutip Australian Associated Press.

“Provokasi kemerdekaan oleh otoritas Partai Progresif Demokratik adalah sumber ketegangan dan turbulensi dalam hubungan lintas selat dan ancaman terbesar bagi perdamaian dan stabilitas di Selat Taiwan,” kata pernyataan itu merujuk pada partai Tsai. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Presiden Cina Xi Jinping berjanji untuk mewujudkan “penyatuan kembali secara damai” dengan Taiwan dan tidak secara langsung menyebutkan penggunaan kekuatan. Ekonomi Indonesia

Namun, dia mendapat reaksi marah dari pejabat di Taipei, yang mengatakan hanya rakyat Taiwan yang dapat memutuskan masa depannya. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Attention, PPATK Starts Checking Pandora Papers

The existence of Pandora Papers immediately attracted the attention of the Indonesian government. This is investigative data from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) regarding important world figures who store assets in tax-free countries. Politik Indonesia

And one of them came from Indonesia who grazed the names of state officials in President Joko Widodo’s Cabinet.

The Head of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) Dian Ediana Rae ensures that PPATK will work professionally in accordance with the mandate of the Law to carry out inspections and analyzes related to the Pandora Papers.

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Dian ensured that the examination and analysis carried out were not only on certain names. Because any Indonesian who is included in the Pandora Papers list will be the attention of PPATK. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“We’ll see what the results will be, because the results of our analysis and examination have not been completed and are still in process,” said Dian, quoted from Youtube PPATK Indonesia, Thursday (7/10).

According to him, the emergence of a number of names included in the Pandora Papers does not mean that the names have violated the law. To be sure, PPATK conducts profiling to see if the person’s profile is suitable.

“Because it could be that those who are on the list may not necessarily commit criminal acts such as tax evasion,” said Dian, who said the issue of tax evasion was the most interesting thing. Ekonomi Indonesia

Dian also ensured that after the results of the analysis and examination of the data had been completed, his party would cooperate with the tax authorities. After that, the data from the inspection will be submitted by PPATK to law enforcement officers. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

BRIN: The construction of a giant embankment is not enough to prevent the North Coast of Java from sinking

Eddy Hermawan, peneliti senior di Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN), mengatakan pembangunan tanggul raksasa tidak cukup untuk menghentikan beberapa daerah di pantai utara Jawa surut. Ia menyarankan pencegahan harus melibatkan berbagai sektor, termasuk pencegahan kerusakan lingkungan di daerah tersebut. Politik Indonesia

“Upaya pencegahan yang lebih nyata perlu dilakukan ke depan. Membangun tanggul raksasa sepertinya tidak cukup, tetapi perlu diimbangi dengan kebijakan pemanfaatan air tanah, penanaman mangrove dan pencegahan kerusakan lingkungan sesegera mungkin. efektif. apakah upaya tersebut akan dilaksanakan oleh berbagai elemen masyarakat, tanpa terkecuali,” kata Eddy dalam keterangan tertulis, dikutip Rabu (6/10/2021).

Eddy mengungkapkan, perkiraan tenggelamnya Jakarta dan beberapa kota pesisir di sepanjang Pantura disebabkan tiga faktor utama, yakni perubahan iklim, penurunan tanah, dan kondisi setempat. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“Jika proyeksi hanya berfokus pada dampak perubahan iklim, dampak yang dihasilkan tidak akan terlalu parah. Hal yang sama juga ditemukan, jika proyeksi hanya berfokus pada penurunan tanah, maka analisis tidak dapat digunakan dalam skala global./regional. ,” jelasnya.

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Eddy meyakini proyeksi tersebut berfokus pada hasil analisis gabungan dari dampak perubahan iklim global dan laju penurunan tanah yang pesat saat ini. Pasalnya, dua proyeksi tersebut diduga kuat akan mempercepat tenggelamnya kota-kota pesisir Pantura, termasuk Jakarta, di masa mendatang. Ekonomi Indonesia

Tenggelamnya bumi

Menurut dia, hasil analisis data satelit terbaru menunjukkan kawasan pesisir Pantura mengalami penurunan muka tanah paling akut. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Menurut Eddy, kondisi geologis wilayah pesisir dengan tanah lunak menyebabkan tanah terus turun secara alami. Dengan naiknya permukaan air laut akibat perubahan iklim, pemanfaatan air tanah, serta pembangunan gedung-gedung megah dan mewah di sepanjang pantai utara, ternyata tenggelamnya permukaan bumi semakin parah.

“Perlu memantau penurunan muka tanah dan laju perubahan pantai akibat perubahan muka air laut. Kondisi ini berbeda dengan wilayah selatan Jawa yang struktur geologinya cenderung bergunung-gunung,” saran Eddy. .

Road in Sorong Has Been Damaged for 2 Years, Suddenly Paved Ahead of Jokowi’s Arrival

Ada yang menarik jelang kunjungan kerja Presiden Jokowi ke Sorong, Papua Barat, Senin (10/4) besok. Jalan Jenderal Sudirman di Kota Sorong yang rusak selama dua tahun, kini cepat diaspal sebelum kedatangan Jokowi.

Antara melaporkan pada Sabtu (2/10) bahwa Jokowi berencana meninjau ulang pelaksanaan vaksinasi corona pada Senin dan akan menyeberang jalan.

Lokasi jalan rusak tepat di depan SPBU di Desa Klaligi, Kecamatan Sorong Manoi. Jalan tersebut diaspal oleh Balai Jalan dan Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Provinsi Papua Barat melalui pengerahan armada penuh. Politik Indonesia

Antara melaporkan, masyarakat setempat mengaku kaget jalan tiba-tiba diaspal padahal sudah dua tahun rusak.

Seorang warga kota Klaligi, Musa, adalah salah satunya. Dia terkejut melihat bahwa seluruh perlengkapan lantai tiba-tiba diturunkan. Padahal, selama ini jalan tersebut sudah rusak.

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Bahkan, diakui sering terjadi kecelakaan lalu lintas akibat jalan rusak tersebut. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“Setelah dicek, diketahui ada kunjungan Presiden ke Kota Sorong pada 4 Oktober 2021, sehingga jalan langsung diaspal,” kata Musa. Ekonomi Indonesia

Sementara itu, Kepala Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Kota Sorong J Sinaga mengatakan, masyarakat mengeluhkan jalan yang sebelumnya rusak.

“Namun status Jalan Jenderal Sudirman di Kota Sorong bukan kewenangan Pemkot Sorong, masih kewenangan provinsi dan Balai Jalan,” pungkasnya. Politik dalam dan luar negeri