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Attention, PPATK Starts Checking Pandora Papers

Attention, PPATK Starts Checking Pandora Papers

The existence of Pandora Papers immediately attracted the attention of the Indonesian government. This is investigative data from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) regarding important world figures who store assets in tax-free countries. Politik Indonesia

And one of them came from Indonesia who grazed the names of state officials in President Joko Widodo’s Cabinet.

The Head of the Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) Dian Ediana Rae ensures that PPATK will work professionally in accordance with the mandate of the Law to carry out inspections and analyzes related to the Pandora Papers.

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Dian ensured that the examination and analysis carried out were not only on certain names. Because any Indonesian who is included in the Pandora Papers list will be the attention of PPATK. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“We’ll see what the results will be, because the results of our analysis and examination have not been completed and are still in process,” said Dian, quoted from Youtube PPATK Indonesia, Thursday (7/10).

According to him, the emergence of a number of names included in the Pandora Papers does not mean that the names have violated the law. To be sure, PPATK conducts profiling to see if the person’s profile is suitable.

“Because it could be that those who are on the list may not necessarily commit criminal acts such as tax evasion,” said Dian, who said the issue of tax evasion was the most interesting thing. Ekonomi Indonesia

Dian also ensured that after the results of the analysis and examination of the data had been completed, his party would cooperate with the tax authorities. After that, the data from the inspection will be submitted by PPATK to law enforcement officers. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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