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Rizieq’s attorney will forward McDanny’s apology to the family

Rizieq’s attorney will forward McDanny’s apology to the family

The attorney for the former leader of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) Rizieq Shihab, Azis Yanuar, said that he would convey an apology from the comedian Dani Jaya Wardhana, also known as McDanny, to Rizieq and his family.

It is known, in a video recording, McDanny made a statement that was considered insulting to Rizieq Shihab. This action drew the anger of several parties. Politik Indonesia

“Later we will convey it to the family and to Habib (Rizieq) as well,” said Azis when contacted by CNNIndonesia.com via short message, Wednesday (20/10).

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According to Azis, Rizieq Shihab’s family has handed over this case to him. He only said he would deliver an apology from McDanny directly. Azis also refused to answer when the apology would be delivered. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“We’ll tell you right away. Besides, this is not urgent and it’s not something that needs to be rushed. Just relax,” said Azis.

The same thing was conveyed by Azis in a meeting held by McDanny, Arie Untung, and Azis Yanuar. Azis expressed his appreciation for what Arie Untung had done and the apology that had been conveyed by McDanny.

He hopes that the comic’s statement can be forgiven by Rizieq Shihab, his family, and Muslims.

“I will convey it to Habib Rizieq and also to his family, to Muslims, hopefully he can be forgiven,” Azis said as quoted from the video uploaded by Arie on his Instagram account @ariekuntung. Ekonomi Indonesia

Previously, McDanny said words that were considered insulting to Rizieq Shihab. McDanny made the statement at an event.

“Drinking beer at Root’s is halal. It’s more halal than meth,” said McDanny.

“Thank you for the veiled women but you guys are so cool,” he continued.

After that, he uttered a sentence that became the basis of the problems and criticisms of many netizens at this time.

“F*** Habib Rizieq,” said McDanny in the video which later went viral on social media.

When the video went viral, he received criticism from many parties. Not only that, McDanny was even reported to the Bandung Police Headquarters, on Tuesday (19/10). The report is stated with the report number STPB/335/X/2021/JBR/Polrestabes.

Some time later, McDanny apologized to Rizieq Shihab’s representative regarding the statement he made and was judged to have insulted the former FPI leader.  Politik dalam dan luar negeri

McDanny claims his apology has been well received by Rizieq’s family.

“Thank God my apology was well received, and I am very grateful,” said McDanny via his personal Instagram account @Mcd4nny, Wednesday (20/10).

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