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The Government Removes the Reason for the 2021 Christmas Joint Leave

The Government Removes the Reason for the 2021 Christmas Joint Leave

The Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Menko PMK) Muhadjir Effendy ensured that the government would abolish the joint Christmas leave on December 24, 2021. Politik Indonesia

The decision is contained in the Joint Decree (SKB) of the Three Ministers Number 712 of 2021, Number 1 of 2021, Number 3 of 2021 concerning National Holidays and Joint Leave of 2021.

As for the reason, it is feared that the year-end holiday will bring a third wave of Covid-19 which will have a very bad impact.

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In addition, there is a prohibition on taking leave by taking advantage of the momentum of a national holiday for State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

This is based on the Circular Letter of the Minister of PAN-RB Number 13 of 2021 concerning Restrictions on Traveling Activities Outside the Region and/or Leave for ASN During National Holidays in 2021.

Muhadjir explained that the policy was also solely carried out to limit the movement of more massive people ahead of the year-end holiday. Ekonomi Indonesia

“We are trying to suppress as little as possible those who will travel. And these have been given restrictions. Starting from the absence of joint leave holidays. Then we will ban them from taking leave,” he said as quoted from the Kemenkopmk.go.id page.

Dec 24 Christmas collective leave removal policy
According to him, the policy requires more massive socialization to the public by the police, the transportation service, and the mass media.

In addition, this needs to be done so that the community is more understanding of the existing situation and is not desperate to violate it. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

“I ask that later there will be a large-scale campaign to urge people not to travel. Not to return to their village, or to travel for non-primary purposes,” he said.

For those who are forced to travel on those holidays, Muhadjir added, stricter inspection of travel conditions is necessary.

As is known, at this time to ride the mode of transportation at least must have received the first dose of vaccine. For air transportation, a negative PCR test requirement is applied, and for road travel, a negative antigen test requirement is applied.

“So that later we hope that the number of those who will travel can be limited and also controlled. Especially in monitoring to avoid the possibility of follow-up symptoms, namely they go home and bring Covid-19 souvenirs,” he explained.

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