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Former Japanese Princess Mako Komuro Officially Moves to New York

Former Japanese Princess Mako Komuro Officially Moves to New York

Former Japanese princess, Mako officially moved to New York, United States (US) following her husband, Kei Komuro to start their new life on Sunday (14/11). Politik Indonesia

Mako and Kei officially married in the capital Tokyo, Japan last month following ancient imperial traditions. The two became husband and wife after the last few years there were rumors of separation as well as criticism of their relationship.

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At that time, Kei said that the rumors made both of them very sad. Together with Mako, the two of them will now start a new life in New York, where Kei is currently studying law and working. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Escorted by police and airport officials, Kei and Mako passed up to about 100 reporters as they prepared to depart for New York from the airport in Tokyo. The couple chose not to comment and answered various questions. Ekonomi Indonesia

Mako is the nephew of Emperor Naruhito who has now lost his title as princess and noble of the Imperial Japanese family when he decides to marry a man from a non-imperial family or the general public. The loss of that status was governed by the post-war succession law, which also included a stipulation that only sons could ascend to the throne in the imperial family. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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