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Nirina Zubir’s Land Mafia Case, Lawyers Suspect The Buyer Has Bad Faith

Nirina Zubir’s Land Mafia Case, Lawyers Suspect The Buyer Has Bad Faith

Nirina Zubir’s lawyer, Ruben Siregar, is still investigating the sale of two parcels of land from the certificates transferred to a former household assistant named Riri Khasmita.

Riri is known to embezzle land certificates and process the transfer of ownership of 6 land certificates belonging to Cut Indria Martini, Nirina Zubir’s mother.

The two parcels of land were sold in 2017 at a price below the tax object selling value (NJOP).

“After checking at BPN, it turned out that there were two plots of land in West Jakarta that were sold by Riri Khasmita. Investigators confirmed to me that the price was sold below the NJOP,” said Ruben when contacted, Friday (11/19/2021). Politik Indonesia

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Ruben’s suspicions grew, because the buyer of Nirina’s land was strongly suspected of having bad intentions.

This is believed to be because the land object was sold at a price below the NJOP, even though at that time Indonesia had not been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic as it is today.


“Our suspicion is that this buyer is suspected of having bad intentions. The selling price is also very far from NJOP, which is certain that the price range in 2017 is still high,” said Ruben. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

The latest information from the two plots of land that have changed ownership is that houses have been built.

Previously, the land that was sold was vacant land belonging to the late Mrs. Nirina Zubir.

The Sub-Directorate of Harda Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya who handles this case is still developing the flow of transfer of land assets with the victim’s family, Nirina Zubir.

The police are investigating whether the buyer of the land is a buyer with good intentions or otherwise who uses assets whose transfer of ownership is known to be illegal. Ekonomi Indonesia

“This is what we are investigating, because it is still under development and investigators are very careful to investigate the transfer of ownership of the assets. Including the matter of the sale, it is reasonable to suspect that a buyer has good intentions or not,” said Head of Sub-Directorate of Harda Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya AKBP Petrus Silalahi.

According to Petrus, the sales transaction process took place from 2016 to 2019.

Even so, investigators found the fact that the sale was proceeding normally or it was just the perpetrator’s mode of transferring ownership of the certificate to smooth the transaction. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

“The transfer has existed since 2016. But what needs to be investigated is whether this transaction is true or a transaction that was made up intentionally to transfer ownership. But we are still investigating and developing it by prioritizing the principle of presumption of innocence,” said Petrus.

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