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Month: November 2021

Prabowo Asks Gerindra Cadres to Help Garuda Avoid Bankruptcy

Secretary General of the Gerindra Party Ahmad Muzani said the general chairman of his party, Prabowo Subianto, asked cadres to help save Garuda Indonesia airline. Politik Indonesia

According to Muzani, Prabowo warned that Gerindra cadres would help maintain the existence of the state-owned airline company.

“Yesterday I received a message from Pak Prabowo so that Gerindra would not remain silent in the face of this threat,” said Muzani, quoted from a written statement, Monday, November 1, 2021.

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Prabowo’s message was conveyed by Muzani while attending the Gerindra South Sumatra Regional Coordination Meeting (Rakorda) on Sunday, October 31, 2021 in Palembang. In that event, Gerindra South Sumatra asked Prabowo to run again as a presidential candidate or presidential candidate in 2024. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Muzani mentioned Garuda Indonesia’s debt which is predicted to be around Rp 70 trillion. The state-owned company is also expected to go bankrupt.

“We were entrusted to do everything possible to save Garuda so that the company can survive from bankruptcy,” said Muzani.

According to Muzani, Garuda is a company that was built along with the struggle of the Indonesian people. He said that the airline, which unites the territory of Indonesia, cannot go bankrupt. Ekonomi Indonesia

Therefore, Muzani continued, if necessary, all members of the legislature from Gerindra are ready to support funds to relieve Garuda’s debt. “If necessary, members of the Gerindra parliament at all levels support it, even though it is not a solution,” he said.

Muzani said Prabowo was often worried about the difficulty of maintaining state assets. This is because global competition is increasingly dynamic and capital challenges are becoming more real. He said the Garuda case should be a valuable lesson.

“If Garuda, which has a long history of being bankrupt, will go bankrupt, what about other SOEs,” said the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly.

Muzani said that the power that the Gerindra Party wants to achieve in the 2024 presidential election is a struggle for the benefit and safety of the nation, including its assets. According to him, this is only possible if all elements in Gerindra are prepared to fight from now on.

He also added that all facilities built by President Joko Widodo’s government must function in the future so that the country’s economy is more passionate and the people’s welfare is prosperous. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

“In our view, it is Pak Prabowo who has the ability. It is relevant to what the people of South Sumatra want through the Gerindra Party DPD so that Prabowo advances in 2024,” said Muzani.