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Many hydrants don’t work, DKI firefighters prefer gutter water

Many hydrants don’t work, DKI firefighters prefer gutter water

The availability of water sources is a problem in dealing with fires in DKI Jakarta. The condition of the city hydrants in the capital, which is the main water supply for fire fighting, is still inadequate. Politik Indonesia

Based on data from the DKI Jakarta Fire and Rescue Service, out of 1,213 hydrants, only about a third or 421 are functioning perfectly. This means that the hydrant has water, a coupling for attaching a hose, and a meter.

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In fact, according to the Head of Team A of the Pondok Kelapa Damkar Post, East Jakarta, Matsani, the city hydrants were no longer eyed by the officers when facing fires. Quoted from Kompas.id, Friday (12/3/2021), Matsani said that currently rivers, ditches, and ponds are choices for more reliable water sources.

Of the 378 city hydrants in East Jakarta, only 166 have couplings, meters, and available water. However, the condition of the city hydrants in East Jakarta is actually not the worst. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

Central Jakarta only has 110 out of 288 functioning city hydrants (38.2 percent); South Jakarta 40 out of 213 (18.8 percent); and the lowest was West Jakarta with 11 out of 149 (7.4 percent). North Jakarta has the highest composition of active hydrants, 94 out of 185 or 50.8 percent.

A complete city hydrant does not necessarily have adequate water flow and pressure. According to the Head of Operation Section of the East Jakarta Gulkarmat Sub-dept. Gatot Sulaeman, sometimes the water flow for the city hydrants that comes out is very small because the water for hydrants is part of the network with the raw water for the residents of Jakarta. Ekonomi Indonesia

However, the DKI Gulkarmat Service cannot do much about the condition of this hydrant.
According to Gatot, city hydrants are not the responsibility of the Gulkarmat Agency, but PDAM.

“We are only users and their use is recorded in the meter. We pay every month,” he said. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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