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Mother’s body carrying baby from Semeru eruption victim found buried in ash

Mother’s body carrying baby from Semeru eruption victim found buried in ash

Mount Semeru erupted on Saturday (4/12/2021) causing Lava to hit the Kobokan Bulk Hamlet, Supiturang Village, Lumajang Regency, East Java. Mother Holds Baby Semeru

In the hamlet, volunteers found the mother’s body carrying a baby buried in the lava of Mount Semeru.

“During the search, volunteers found the bodies of the mother and child buried by the Semeru lava,” said the head of the Jember Nasdem Youth Movement Beret, David Handoko Seto, when contacted in Lumajang. Politik Indonesia

Launching Suara.com – the digtara.com network, he said there were 15 Beret Rescue teams who went to the eruption site of Mount Semeru to help the Lumajang BPBD team evacuate victims. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“We also found three bodies that were still trapped in a sand transport truck buried under the Semeru lava,” he said.

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He explained that his party immediately coordinated with Basarnas and Lumajang BPBD to evacuate the body.

“The volunteer team found around seven bodies buried by the Semeru lava and immediately coordinated with Basarnas,” he said.

David said that all residents’ houses were razed to the ground covered by Mount Semeru’s lava material, even volunteers had difficulty getting to the location because of the thickness of Semeru’s volcanic ash.

In addition to helping evacuate victims of the eruption of Mount Semeru, the Jember Beret volunteer team helped distribute logistics at evacuation posts at several points. Ekonomi Indonesia

“We urge the community to help victims affected by the eruption of Mount Semeru and those most in need of fast food and medicine,” he said. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

Based on data from the Lumajang BPBD, 102 people were injured and hundreds of residents in three sub-districts, namely Candipuro, Pronojiwo, and Pasirian sub-districts, were displaced due to the eruption of Mount Semeru.

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