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As a suspect in a drug case, Rizky Nazar proposes rehabilitation

As a suspect in a drug case, Rizky Nazar proposes rehabilitation

Artist Rizky Nazar proposes rehabilitation in a case of alleged drug abuse. The request was submitted by the family.

“For the suspect Rizky Nazar, his family is currently applying for rehabilitation,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Metro Jaya Police, Kombes Pol. Endra Zulpan, to reporters on Thursday (16/12).

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Zulpan said investigators were conducting an assessment of Rizky on the request for rehabilitation. The assessment was carried out by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN). Politik Indonesia

“If later this is granted by investigators or fulfilled, of course later we will direct it to rehabilitation,” he added.

Previously, the police officially named artist Rizky Nazar as a suspect in a suspected drug abuse case. He was previously arrested while consuming marijuana at his home in the East Jakarta area. Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

“Here, investigators have named Rizky Nazar, or RN, 25 years old as a suspect,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Endra Zulpan at the South Jakarta Metro Police, Wednesday (15/12).

Zulpan explained, the determination of the suspect was carried out after the case was held. As a result, investigators got at least 2 pieces of evidence, enough to raise Rizky’s legal status. Ekonomi Indonesia

Zulpan said that from Rizky’s hands the police confiscated evidence of 1 gram of marijuana. He was arrested while consuming the illegal goods. The results of the urine test were positive for marijuana. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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