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Australia records first case of death from Omicron variant

Australia records first case of death from Omicron variant

Australia recorded its first case of death due to the Omicron variant, Monday (27/12).

Citing ABC.net, the case of death was reported in western Sydney, State of New South Wales (NSW). The patient who died from Omicron was an 80-year-old man from Uniting Lilian Wells, North Parramatta. Politik Indonesia

The patient was recorded to have received two Covid-19 injections, but with a risk of congenital disease.

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Previously, there were also two cases of death of an elderly female patient aged 90 and a male 80 years old due to Covid-19. They have also been vaccinated twice with congenital diseases.

The number of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 cases in NSW, Australia, has also increased. A total of 521 people are now being treated in hospitals with 55 of them being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU). Dunia Politik dan Ekonomi

However, the positive number of Covid-19 in the state began to decline, namely 6,324 cases from 97,241 swab tests carried out by the local government.

The state of NSW has again tightened its activities after the Omicron case was detected in Australia last week. Ekonomi Indonesia

Residents are also required to wear masks again since Friday (24/12). As of today, every citizen is also required to check-in using a QR code to all public spaces. Politik dalam dan luar negeri

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